We are Part 107 certified and compliant! We have FAA Authorization for Class D airspace around Grand Junction Regional Airport!!!

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY $50 + $25/battery (Optional post-production $100 - $OMFG!!!!!!)

The following is an example of a video that we produced using a mix of our own aerial videography and stock video clips available from We also do our own 3D graphics and in-house effects so post production can fit our clients’ needs, whether they just need the raw footage and images, or they want a polished indie blockbuster. ;-) For samples of our aerial photography, see mapping and panoramic below, and visit our Instagram account!

ORTHOGRAPHIC MAPPING $200 + $25/battery

Using automated flight control software and in-house image stitching software, we are able to capture high definition photos at preset intervals and stitch together outstanding orthographic maps, even if the area to be mapped is so large that we have to use multiple batteries to complete the collection phase. Below is an example of an orthographic map that we made of a part of the parking lot at the Mesa County Fair Grounds in Orchard Mesa. Actual size of map: 8599 × 4395 pixels

360º Panoramic Photospheres & Other Panoramics $75

Mad Squid (Justin K.) is certified and licensed by the FAA under 14 CFR, Part 107. Our drone is registered with the FAA under the name "Flying Squid 2." Just like Flying Squid 1, Flying Squid 2 is a Mavic Air, produced by DJI. It is an amazingly versatile drone capable of capturing a range of highly useful footage, such as 4K video in 30 fps, and super-slo-mo 240 fps in 1080p. When combined with aerial motion, the effects this enables can give a viewer the feeling of being in The Matrix!

At Mad Squid Productions™ we are fully compliant with 14 CFR, Part 107 and are 100% commercially legal. WE HAVE FAA AUTHORIZATION to fly within the five mile radius of Class D airspace surrounding KGJT (Grand Junction Regional Airport). Other area airports utilize the FAA's LAANC automated flight authorization system, which we have successfully tested in Montrose, CO and Aspen, CO. Call or contact us to see if we can fly in your area and for a quote!

  • Building Inspection

  • Road & Rail Inspection

  • Crop Inspection

  • Landscape Photography

  • Newsworthy Event Documentation


Every job is different. Please contact us with the details of your project and we will quote you a locally competitive price.

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