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My latest #FlyingSquid #MusicVideo features “Cowboy Boots” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, as well as some STUNNING #aerial #drone shots of #CapitolHill in #Denver #Colorado, courtesy of yours truly!


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Our Most Popular Video

Here you will find whatever video is currently my top trending video. I’ve added this because of a fluke that happened with a quick spoof video that I threw together (the video you see below now) that somehow spiked at about 4K views, whereas most of my other videos usually stay in the low tens to low hundreds of views. I want to highlight these videos and see if I can figure out why they are so popular compared to my other videos. In this particular case, I’m guessing I benefitted from a high volume of search traffic looking for the actual video, particularly considering the fact that I got my video up within an hour (I’m pretty sure, don’t quote me) of the US Navy’s release of the actual footage.

On June 7th, 2019, the Russian warship Admiral Vinogradov came alongside the USS Chancellorsville in what many described as an aggressive and hostile maneuver. The US Navy has now released a clip filmed by a Sailor who was topside aboard the Chancellorsville during the encounter. You may have already seen it, without audio.

“Finding Ronald”


Our main project at this time is a documentary that tells the true story of a World War II veteran who disappeared in 1987 and wasn’t found until 2013. His remains were located by a hiker, who found his partially buried car in a ravine in John Brown Canyon, Gateway, Colorado.

Ronald Dale Vasey was my grandfather. He was suffering from lung cancer, and his immediate family, law enforcement, and the media all jumped to the conclusion that his disappearance and death were actually due to suicide, my Grandfather allegedly having succumbed to the pain of his condition.

But a document that I found in his briefcase, which I inherited from my mother, suggests that Grandpa Ron was worried that someone would try to hurt him and/or his family as a direct result of an invention of his: a magnetic motor. Grandpa was a very rational man, even highly intelligent. He felt that there was real cause to fear big oil, and the energy sector in general.

This was in the 80’s, mind you. Fear of the Soviet Union was high. Energy, as a dirty industry, was at its peak. And then, there’s the fact that Grandpa actually did vanish for nearly 30 years. In this film I will cover three theories, one of which is the mundane suicide story. The other two will take viewers down incredible paths.

Together, my viewers and I will truly discover who my grandfather Ronald was, and is.

This project is still in the early days, and is completely unfunded at this point. I’m looking to change that with the above fundraising teaser/trailer. It will the be first of several, but for now it’s all I’ve got. Please watch it and provide feedback via form, email, on Twitter, or by way of comments on YouTube.

Mahalo for your interest in this project!

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