Miles Go Passing By

by Harold F. Easton

My stepfather, Harold F. Easton, was an elementary school principal for nearly two decades here in Mesa County, Colorado. But he was also a traveler, a self-described “people-watcher,” an Eagle Scout, and a musician! This single is his performance of a song that he wrote about his bi-annual motorcycle trips across the country. He managed to ride a motorcycle in all 50 states, and even a province or two of Canada. =-)


Just Beat Cause

by Faded Anchors

I published this album with two ideas in mind:

• Make a cheap, digital album that could be used as background music in games and videos.

• Create a project that I could use to donate a portion of revenue to a good cause.

The album got zero attention (I can’t afford advertising) so here it lives, quietly alone. =-(

(NOTE: Faded Anchors is the name under which I publish all of my solo, experimental musical emanations. Brace yourself!)


The Kitchen is in the Bathroom... Help yourself!

by Never Again

My 2nd band in Hawaii, Never Again, released this album circa 2002. All 4 members of the band were active duty Navy Sailors working in the Auxiliary Security Force during the tense months following 9/11. Recording this album in Aiea, Hawaii at Exclusive Music Studio was almost therapeutic for the band members, because it allowed us to take our minds off of the strenuous 12-hour, high stress shifts at ASF.

PRO TIP: There is a mockumentary about this band’s predecessor, Spent Beyond Means. You can find it on the MSP YouTube channel!

Faded Anchors Cover Art 1kx1k 300dpi.jpg

Please Ignore This Album

by Faded Anchors

I was a new father, again. Also, I was angry and depressed, and drinking a lot when I recorded this solo piece of shit! LOL. It’s pretty bad. But it makes money here and there, so I let it live in peace. ;-)

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