Mad Squid Plays PUBG Mobile!


I play under the name realMadSquid in various modes. I don’t always record my rounds, but when I do, I publish my videos and my kill lists both here and on YouTube. However, I only publish videos from matches in which I, or my squad, have earned that coveted, “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!”

The Latest Video

Finally, I recorded a #classic #solo match with a decent kill count and enough close calls to make you want to drink your next soda straight from the fountain! Kill List: Ella francosabri kevin500 Octavien98 Saud511 bondo SantiuGamer eretererf heroe gran mall6 jotonnnnnn pholife KylePeters

My Kill List

You should Google your player name often. Why? Because players like me will publish things about our encounters online, and you couldn’t want to miss that epic kill shot, would you? If you are ‘lucky’ enough to get killed by me while I’m recording, and assuming that I take 1st place that match and therefore publish the moment where I give you the honor of dying by my “sword,” you will find your your player name below:

Jess7287, Kairuz, Seszdio99

Feralv123, XxAngelSimonxX, TitusWhiting, (?) *, Madlogg, EdgarLCArel, Alejandrojg200, LaHuevaxD, Robert823, JoseManuelzur, Feralv123, Alejandrojg200, XxAngelSimonxX, (?) *

ojostri, MrWaffles, headbusta428

Caydee6, (?)

Ella, francosabri, kevin500, Octavien98, Saud511, bondo, SantiuGamer, eretererf, heroe, gran, mall6, jotonnnnnn, pholife, KylePeters